The Role of Religious Leaders and the so-called Child Marriage

THE DAILY ISLAMIC REMINDERS. Yaum Ath-thalaatha, tenth Jumaadal Uulaa. (Tuesday, 14th of December 2021). *_The Role of Religious Leaders and the so-called Child Marriage_*. BismilLah.

Firstly, I wish to state that there’s nothing like Child Marriage in Islam. Islam has its guidelines. Our Religious leaderss should educate and preserve reminding fellow Muslims, particularly mother and father, the principles pertaining to Marriage.

In shariah, the minimal situation is to make sure the feminine reaches her age of puberty. Reaching the age of puberty shouldn’t be thought of as the one standards for deciding on an applicable age for marriage. Other components resembling the general maturity of an individual, and his or her capability to discern between what is sweet or dangerous, such that his private approval or disapproval in essential choices of life develop into legitimate, should additionally to be considered.

What is the Meaning of ‘Maturity’?

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Like all different residing beings, the human being too goes by a means of fixed change and development. This pure total course of will be seen distinctly by modifications in peak, weight, habits, expertise, and social, financial and emotional behaviourr. All these patterns have been extensively studied and mentioned by psychology and different associated sciences. Maturity implies the highly effective presence of thoughts and intelligence in a single’s dealings, one’s capability to safeguard one’s possessions from being squandered away and one’s prudence in spending in a considered method.’

For ladies, maturity could also be outlined as follows: ‘A lady’s capability to handle a great life, her stage of acceptance of the duty of motherhood and child-rearing, in addition to her appropriateness in social habits.’

From the above definitions, we will see that though one could have reached the age of puberty and based on Islamic sensible legal guidelines, Salat (prayer) and Sawm (fasting) are actually compulsory on him/her, but when he/she just isn’t socially lively and economically productive, then he/she could also be termed as an adolescent, however not as ‘mature’.

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The prime age of marriage for women, would additionally rely on their psychological and psychological maturity. It could also be potential that in some instances by the age of 14, a woman could also be mature sufficient to shoulder the duty of family-life and motherhood, however a lady of 30 could not but be mature sufficient to take action in different areas! Therefore, what’s essential in figuring out the ripe age for marriage is one’s personal stage of maturity and readiness, whether or not one has reached the authorized age for marriage or not! It can be very naive to disregard geographical and regional circumstances and norms, in addition to the wants of the youth of the day, and such negligence may result in many issues.

Proper Upbringing of Children

In the current world, with the better intermingling between sexes, higher vitamin, instructional amenities and extra consciousness on account of superior mass media, kids are reaching “maturity” a lot sooner than ever earlier than; and contemplating these components, elevating the authorized age for marriage for girls and boys is kind of unjustifiable.

Considering the underline components above, its essential for our Religious Leaders to broaden their understanding and set up  workshops,  commonly lectures and so forth to teach the youth and the mother and father as to why its essential for his or her daughters particularly to make their very own selection with regard to their marriage at any time when they really feel prepared for it.

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*_May ALLAH retains guiding us all and protects us from any satanic influences_*. Aameen.