* An interview on an Israeli channel with the Israeli physician (Malhoum Akhnov) who owns “the Star Academy ”
This assembly is actually as follows:
The first query
* How do you’re feeling at present when you have fulfilled your largest aspirations, which is “Star Academy” within the yard of Dar Al Islam?
* He replied: An indescribable feeling, nevertheless it took rather a lot from our life till we had been in a position to attain our purpose !!
* He requested him: What do you imply by taking numerous our lives?
* He stated: Yes, we sat for years till we had been in a position to embody it in Western international locations, then into Arab international locations, and we knew that our thought would flip into essentially the most profitable plan within the Israeli state’s march !! *
* He requested him: Why had been you so positive that you’d succeed with this concept?
* He stated: Because we all know that Muslims at present have moved away from their faith, and on the similar time Muslim youth have change into inclined to the Islamic dedication that, in the event that they develop up, they are going to destroy our nation !!
* He requested him: Why did you make sure that “Star Academy” is a option to attain Muslims? *
* He stated: Simply as a result of we wish them to maneuver away from their faith !!
* He requested him: What are you planning at present to assault Islam after Star Academy?
* He stated with all defiance and rudeness: “We are planning to invade Muslim girls” !! *
* He requested him: Why are Muslim women and never males?
* He stated: Because we all know that if a Muslim girl deviates, a complete technology of Muslims will deviate from her.
* Then he requested him once more: What would you describe your invasion of Muslim girls with? *
* He stated: Today we’re eager on invading a Muslim girl and corrupting her mentally, intellectually and bodily greater than making tanks and warplanes !! Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, BlackBerry and different packages helped us preserve them busy and to deviate from Islamic directions; It is a part of the plan !! *
* Then he requested him: Do you will have a hand in Star Academy that’s at present being held in Lebanon? *
* He stated: Certainly, we donate a big sum of cash to them on daily basis and it’s continually beneath our supervision !! *
* At the tip of the assembly, what do you say to our Israeli nation and preach them? *
* I say to them: To make the most of the sleep of the Muslim ummah, for it’s a nation.
Allah is my suffice, and the most effective deputy*
* My brother in Islam .. I’ll publish it in order that maybe the Islamic ummah … the nation of our grasp Muhammad, could God’s prayers and peace be upon him, will get up from its slumber … and take in all that was stated about it .. *
* God bless those that learn and people who transmitted .. for the sake of your faith “The faith of Islam .. *
* This message should attain everybody with out exception as a result of its significance and the seriousness of the data in it .. *. By Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Al-Arifi says, everybody who contributed to spreading this clip has a name behind the unseen ..
* I ask you within the neighborhood to ship it to all WhatsApp numbers in your cell phone; To serve the Islamic Ummah with the least factor. *

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