What are the Rights Islam Gives to Women?*

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*What are the Rights Islam Gives to Women?*

Islam has given lady rights and privileges, which she has by no means loved underneath different non secular or constitutional techniques. This will be understood when the matter is studied as an entire in a comparative method, somewhat than partially.

While women and men have equal rights as a basic precept, the precise rights and duties granted to them are usually not an identical. Men and ladies have complementary rights and duties.

*1. Equal Reward & Equal Accountability:*

Men and ladies worship Allah in the identical manner, that means they worship the identical God (Allah), carry out the identical acts of worship, observe the identical scripture, and maintain the identical beliefs. Almighty Allah judges all human beings pretty and equitably. Allah emphasizes the simply remedy and reward on account of each women and men in lots of verses of the Qur’an: “Allah has promised to the believers, men and women, gardens under which rivers flow, to dwell therein, and beautiful mansions in gardens of everlasting bliss” (Quran 9:72). See Quran 3:195 additionally.

*2. Right to Freedom of Expression:*

She is entitled to freedom of expression as a lot as man is. Her sound opinions are considered and can’t be disregarded simply because she belongs to the feminine intercourse. It is reported within the Qur’an and historical past that lady not solely expressed her opinion freely but in addition argued and took part in critical discussions with the Prophet himself in addition to with different Muslim leaders (Quran 58:1-4; 60:10-12).

*3. Right in Social Life & Politics:*

Historical information present that girls participated in public life with the early Muslims, particularly in occasions of emergencies. Women used to accompany the Muslim armies engaged in battles to nurse the wounded, put together provides, serve the soldiers, and so forth. They weren’t shut behind iron bars or thought of nugatory creatures and disadvantaged of souls.

*4. Right to Work & Earn:*

Islam grants lady equal rights to contract, to enterprise, to earn and possess independently. Her life, her property, her honor are as sacred as these of man. If she commits any offence, her penalty is not any much less or greater than of man’s in an identical case. If she is wronged or harmed, she will get due compensations equal to what a person in her place would get (2:178; 4:45; 92-93).

*5. Right to Knowledge:*

She is the same as man within the pursuit of schooling and data. When Islam enjoins the in search of of data upon Muslims, it makes no distinction between man and lady. Almost fourteen centuries in the past, Muhammad declared that the pursuit of data is incumbent on each Muslim female and male.

*6. Right to Choose Spouse:*

Islam has honored ladies by giving them the suitable to decide on a partner and preserve their authentic household title as soon as married. Additionally, many have the impression that oldsters power their daughters into marriage. This is a cultural follow however has no foundation in Islam. In reality, it’s prohibited.

*7. Right for Inheritance:*

Apart from recognition of lady as an impartial human being acknowledged as equally important for the survival of humanity, Islam has given her a share of inheritance. Before Islam, she was not solely disadvantaged of that share however was herself thought of as property to be inherited by man. This share is hers, and nobody can take it away or disinherit her.


Before Islam, ladies had been thought of shameful, ladies had been buried alive, prostitution was rampant, divorce was solely within the fingers of the husband, inheritance was just for the sturdy, and oppression was widespread. Islam got here and abolished these practices. Islam, nonetheless, regards ladies as treasured and invaluable, to not be disrespected or disgraced. Why would many ladies around the globe willingly enter Islam whether it is an oppressive faith?

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