# *Light Vs Darkness*

*Western ideology says* drink responsibly,
*Islam says* abstain completely from intoxicants and onerous medication.

*Western ideology says* use condoms & contraceptives,
*Islam says* abstain from premarital intercourse and adultery.

*Western ideology says* gender equality,
*Islam says* gender proper.

*Western ideology says* ‘viewers discretion, 18+ solely’,
*Islam says* no to pornographic supplies.

*Western ideology says* exhibiting your physique makes you look engaging & fascinating,
*Islam says* protecting your physique makes you look respectable and lovely.

*Western ideology says* you may’t marry multiple spouse however you
can have a string of extramarital affairs,
*Islam says* it is forbidden so that you can have extramarital affairs but when u’re
succesful financially, bodily and emotionally and might be simply amongst them, you may marry multiple spouse as much as a most of 4.

*Western ideology says* chances are you’ll give to the poor and needy out of your wealth when you so want,
*Islam says* you MUST give to the
poor and needy a stipulated fraction out of your wealth.

*Western ideology says* this world is supposed to be loved,
*Islam says* this world is a take a look at for all believers.

*Western world says* that dying is a punishment and unhealthy omen from the satan,
*Islam says* dying is from God and easily the medium of returning the creature again to its creator for accountability.

*Western ideology says* problem your husband for equality in management and supremacy of the house,
*Islam says* respect & be humble to your husband because the chief of the house.

*Western ideology says* that civilization means adopting the
methods of Western tradition in order to be uncovered,
*Islam says* that civilization merely means doing issues in higher methods together with decency & modesty.

*Western ideology says* respecting your husband means being enslaved by your husband,
*Islam says* respecting your
husband means honoring him and making your self lovely to him.

*Western ideology says* that you may contact, kiss, hug, peck an reverse intercourse you are not associated to by blood or marriage,
*Islam says* that you just’re forbidden from having any type of bodily
contacts with an reverse intercourse you are not associated to by marriage or blood in order to stop lustful acts and adultery.

*Western ideology says* that you may visually recognize a woman by staring at her magnificence however do not lust after her,
*Islam says* decrease your gaze from a girl/woman that u’re not associated to by
blood or marriage and never feasting on her magnificence together with your eyes in order to not stimulate lustful wishes in you.

*Western ideology says* that being disciplined in keeping with the creator’s rules is an act of extremism, fanatism & fundamentalism whereas
*Islam says* that abiding by the
rules of almighty Allah (SWT) in response to the teachings of prophet Muhammad (SAW) is an act of obedience and love for the creator.

*Think, it is as much as you to resolve what sort of life you wish to dwell*

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