Why did Allah Create Satan (Devil)?

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*❓Why did Allah Create Satan (Devil)?*
✅What is the rationale behind the creation of Satan as a misguiding and deviating creature? And why did Allah create him?

The concise reply is that the Satan’s function in deviating and misguiding man is confined to tempting him. Progress and growth can solely happen when there are reverse and conflicting forces, and due to this fact the creation of such a being within the excellent world system is just not thought of in useless, however quite a manifestation of Allah’s mercy and pure goodness.

First: Allah didn’t create Satan as Satan. Proof for such a declare can be that he accompanied the angels and the worshippers for a few years, however in a while Satan took the trail of disobedience by his personal free-will and was distanced from Allah’s mercy.

Second: The existence of Satan is just not dangerous for believers and people who are decided to take the trail of reality, as an alternative it could possibly assist them to progress, develop and attain perfection; as a result of progress, enchancment and growth can solely happen when there are reverse forces.

The solely function Satan performs on this world is the function of tempting folks; that means that he solely calls folks to take the unsuitable path. Allah has not granted him management over different beings or the authority to exert affect on souls with out them selecting to obey him. The Almighty says within the Quran: “Indeed he does not have any authority over those who have faith and put their trust in their Lord” (Nahl:99)

It is for that reason that when a gaggle of individuals go to Satan on the Day of Judgment due to deceptive them, Satan argues that: “I had no authority over you, except that I called you and you responded to me.” (Ibrahim:22)

The teachings of the Quran present that Satan’s function in deceptive man is confined to tempting him and he by no means forces one to go astray; as a result of man known as by two calls, the decision of Allah and the decision of Satan and it’s man that freely decides which one he’ll comply with. However, Satan does have authority and management over those who, by way of their free-will, comply with his name, perform his calls for and consider him as their instance, and he’ll destroy their souls: “His authority is only over those who befriend him and those who make him a partner [of Allah]” (Nahl:100)

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