Why I Want to Pray at UCH Mosque

I really like to watch Jumu’ha at these two locations University of Ibadan or UCH, however I really like to hope at UCH and the reason being I be taught a lot there apart from the thought frightening sermon that may carry tears to your face( those who work or use to hope there can testify to this) I realized a lot from praying at UCH.. let me share a few of these classes with you.

There are two entrances to UCH, if you will the mosque(UCH central mosque) and also you cross via the primary gate, you’ll cross via the mortuary..this is likely one of the lesson..the final time I noticed Jumu’ha at UCH I counted greater than six(6) corpses, they have been carrying one out of the ward, one has being packed already within the bus prepared for burial, but there are greater than three automobiles whose boot have been opened ready for the physique to be positioned in there I additionally noticed individuals wailing, ready to obtain the physique of their family members who handed away..the lesson right here is, it jogged my memory that nothing on this world that price shedding the hereafter for, it additionally jogged my memory that at some point it might be my flip..

Before prayer the Imam would make use of us to contribute into affected person reduction funds..he would say go to the wards go and see what Allah the fashioner has turned a human such as you into… Some of these sufferers pray that Allah ought to take their souls in order to be free from pains but he will not take it some will survive, others will stay in that state for years earlier than he lastly takes their souls..then I ask myself is my very own issues larger than these? What if HE examined me with such? May we not be examined with sickness.. or I’m I higher or extra pious than these which can be sick? This taught me gratefulness, it taught me contentment and compassion…

Oh you who’ve believed that Allah is one and Muhammad is His messenger! what precisely are you praying for that has made you mentioned numerous horrible phrases to the one which made you? is your personal issues larger than  this one? Have you being examined with an Illness that you must beg for funds to purchase medication or to outlive? Have you not being respiration with out help? Then why are you so ungrateful?

Another alternative is right here for you, make good use of one of the best days of the 12 months, pray to Him, search His forgiveness..

Have you forgotten the one which break up the pink sea for Prophet Musa?

Have you forgotten He cool the fireplace for Ibrahim?

Have you forgotten that He granted Muhammad (pbuh) victory on the battle of Badr?

Allah is enough for you..

Probably He hasn’t given you what you need as a result of it’s harmful so that you can possess it now,

Maybe in case your want is granted it should take your Islam.from you that’s the reason He desires you to expertise some hardship..

He will not check you greater than you’ll be able to bear

Be affected person  and be hopeful.

We beseech ALLAAH  to heal these which can be sick,

Console and strengthen these which can be grieving,

Bless the barren with pious youngsters,

Rectify our affairs for us,

Wipe our secret tears and redeem the glory and honour of Nigeria, grant us peace and tranquility..for YOU are OUR Lord and OUR SAVIOUR aamiin .


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