The Sorry State Of Nigeria’s Judiciary Among Others Makes The Battle Cry For A Revolution Inevitable By Francis Adewale

The Sorry State Of Nigeria’s Judiciary Among Others Makes The Battle Cry For A Revolution Inevitable By Francis Adewale

Lawyers “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”                                               – President John F. Kennedy (1962) This week may be one of the worst weeks for Nigerian judiciary and they might have made the much vaunted Sowore’s revolution inevitable. The first salvo was the list of judges released by the National Judicial ... »

Social Media Trends For 2012 & Beyond

Although social media marketing is a small component of our service offerings at Anvil & Formic, we?re constantly asked our opinions and advice on the matter. I?ve personally helped clients develop, implement, manage and measure social media campaigns since 1998 (no, that?s not a typo). Since then, I?ve kept a finger on the pulse of the social media industry, and I fear we?re near cardiac arr... »

Woman Suffrage

Woman Suffrage

It is my sincere hope that nothing I have here exhibited will be mistaken by the nobility and gentry for moral indignation. No such feeling, in truth, is in my heart. Moral judgments, as old Friedrich used to say, are foreign to my nature. Setting aside the vast herd which shows no definable character at all, it seems to me that the minority distinguished by what is commonly regarded as an excess ... »

Marriage – Fundamental Motives, Process of Courtship, Extra-Legal Devices and Intermezzo on Monogamy

The War Between the Sexes – The Feminine Attitude, The Male Beauty, Men as Aesthetes and The Process of Delusion

I have said that women are not sentimental, i.e., not prone to permit mere emotion and illusion to corrupt their estimation of a situation. The doctrine, perhaps, will raise a protest. The theory that they are is itself a favourite sentimentality; one sentimentality will be brought up to substantiate another; dog will eat dog. But an appeal to a few obvious facts will be enough to sustain my conte... »

The Thing Called Intuition

The Thing Called Intuition

Men, as each one is aware of, are disposed to query this superior intelligence of ladies; their egoism calls for the denial, and they're seldom reflective sufficient to get rid of it by logical and evidential evaluation. Moreover, as we will see a bit afterward, there's a sure specious look of soundness of their place; they've pressured upon ladies a synthetic character which nicely conceals their... »

The Masculine Bag of Tricks

The Masculine Bag of Tricks

What males, of their egoism, consistently mistake for a deficiency of intelligence in girl is merely an incapacity for mastering that mass of small mental tips, that advanced of petty knowledges, that assortment of cerebral rubber stamps, which constitutes the chief psychological tools of the typical male. A person thinks that he's extra clever than his spouse as a result of he can add up a column... »


70 pregnant Malaysian women working in S’pore brought home via Johor causeway

SINGAPORE: Seventy pregnant Malaysian women working in Singapore together with 10 kids and other people with disabilities have been brought home at the moment via the Johor causeway. The journey was made doable by the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore. “They were brought home in two buses. Prior to that, they gathered at the Kranji MRT Station here as early as 10am,” Malaysian Deputy High Com... »


Coronavirus: Ogun Government Postpones Commencement Of Lockdown To April 3

Ogun State Government has shifted the commencement of the total lockdown of the state to April 3, 2020. President Muhammadu Buhari had during his nationwide address on the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country on Sunday ordered the lockdown of the FCT, Lagos and Ogun states. According to the President, the lockdown is to start at 11pm of today (Monday). However, Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun has ... »


(Video) Covid-19: Family of seven stays cheerful despite virus infection

KUALA LUMPUR: Although this family of seven has been tested positive for Covid-19, the five siblings who are currently quarantined at the Teluk Intan Hospital sure know how to stay cheerful instead of being despondent. Since yesterday, the TikTok video of Erika Syamim Samsu Ambia, 17, and her siblings has been trending on Twitter. “Even though we’re Covid-19 positive, we as a family will go throug... »


426 fraudulent face mask sale cases reported

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 426 fraud cases with regard to the sale of face masks have been reported nationwide during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period until yesterday, with losses amounting to RM3 million. Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department deputy director Datuk Saiful Azly Kamaruddin said 30 individuals, including 10 local women, have been arrested on suspicion of being inv... »