Woman Suffrage

Woman Suffrage

It is my sincere hope that nothing I have here exhibited will be mistaken by the nobility and gentry for moral indignation. No such feeling, in truth, is in my heart. Moral judgments, as old Friedrich used to say, are foreign to my nature. Setting aside the vast herd which shows no definable character at all, it seems to me that the minority distinguished by what is commonly regarded as an excess ... »

WHO and UNICEF to partner on pandemic response through COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

WHO and UNICEF as we speak introduced an settlement to work collectively on COVID-19 response, through the historic COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund powered by the United Nations Foundation and Swiss Philanthropy Foundation.   The COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund has been arrange to facilitate an unprecedented world response by supporting the WHO Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan. As a pa... »


Heating and cooling that anticipates your needs

According to a recent survey, about half of Americans feel their office is either too hot or too cold. A number of factors play into this issue of thermal comfort, but the hardest factor to control for is the one we’re most interested in: humans themselves. Clothing choice and body shape are intrinsically tied to what temperature an individual will be most comfortable at. Hits: 1 Tags: Busin... »

How to Lose 50 Pounds in 11 Weeks – 5 Things You Must Do

[ad_1] Trying to lose 50 pounds in 11 weeks can seem like a formidable task, but I assure you it can be done. I’m assuming you’re not interested in using weight loss pills, appetite suppressants, surgery or any of that other junk to lose 50 pounds in 11 weeks, which is good…’cos I hate those things. Don’t get me wrong, they have their place in certain situations, but ... »

Terminal Wealth Dispersion, Life Expectancy and Individual Retirement Accounts

[ad_1] Terminal wealth dispersion is the technical term that describes the variability of the future value of investment portfolios. This inevitable variability means that no one knows what the value of their investment portfolio will be when they reach retirement age or at any time during their retirement. And the uncertainty of individual’s life expectancies compounds this problem. Hedging... »

Addiction To Unrequited Love

[ad_1] The Torchbearer – S/he will love me one day It sounds silly for one to be addicted to unrequited love, but it can sometimes be the result of growing up in a household where love was either conditional or not consistent. As a child, the “torchbearer,” may have been always trying to win the love, praise or affection from a parent (or someone else influential) who was unavail... »

A Multi Level Marketing Opportunity Survival Kit

[ad_1] What separates the good from the great? Why is it I’m being told to work from the inside, to work on my mindset in order to effectively run a business working from home? Taking actions on a daily basis and getting things done helps move your business forward and some simple techniques and tools help in this. But doing and being busy is still not enough. You need to display leadership ... »

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

[ad_1] Wealthy Affiliate is an online community membership site founded in 2005 by two online marketers Carson and Kyle. It has become the number one community for creating and growing a successful online business. Wealthy Affiliate is a training website with a massive online community who engage with one another and offer help and support. Who Can Profit From Wealthy Affiliate University? Wealthy... »

Become the Network Marketing Superstar You Want to Become

[ad_1] What is holding you back from becoming the hottest network marketing superstar today? Would you like to change some elements to improve your business and watch it grow? Most people reading this will want to achieve some new changes in their lives and businesses. So, you know that you need changes in your life. At least you recognize that you have weaknesses, but do you know your strengths? ... »

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