More efficient, longer-lasting solid oxide fuel cells

Solid oxide fuel cells, or SOFCs, are devices that produce both electricity and heat by oxidizing a fuel such as natural gas or biogas. This energy-efficient, zero-emission technology has the potential to meet domestic and commercial power, heating and hot water needs. Read More Hits: 4 Tags: Business »


Decarbonizing energy supply by using community power

Renewable energy has become a mainstream source of power production. The estimated share of renewables in global electricity generation reached 26 % at the end of 2018, while far less growth occurred in heating, cooling and transport, according to the Renewables 2019 Global Status Report. With the increased use of renewable energy sources (RESs) like solar and wind, citizens and communities are se... »


Heating and cooling that anticipates your needs

According to a recent survey, about half of Americans feel their office is either too hot or too cold. A number of factors play into this issue of thermal comfort, but the hardest factor to control for is the one we’re most interested in: humans themselves. Clothing choice and body shape are intrinsically tied to what temperature an individual will be most comfortable at. Hits: 1 Tags: Busin... »


Turbomachine expander offers efficient, safe strategy for heating, cooling

A new device to help homeowners cut electricity bills could also provide more efficient and safer cooling options for companies and vehicles. Hits: 3 Tags: Business »

How Long Do You Grill Pork Loin Per Pound?

[ad_1] Introduction Whether you are grilling outside on the grill or in the broiler oven, there’s nothing quite as tasty as a grilled pork loin. But if you are inexperienced with cooking this particular cut of pork you may have some questions: How long do you grill pork loin per pound? What grilling techniques should I know about? With what shall I flavor the pork? We will address each of th... »

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Saving Money and Heating the Home

[ad_1] Using Solar Heating costs can get expensive when the weather is cold, making it imperative to find ways to save money on heating your residence. Solar panels are used to collect energy from the sun and transform it into electricity that can be used throughout your home. This same solar energy technology can be used to heat your home. Heat collectors, or solar thermal systems, work similarly... »