Homemade cultured butter is more buttery than normal butter

Homemade cultured butter is more buttery than normal butter

Making butter at home the traditional way is easy and the result is far more flavourful than the shop-bought version, says Sam Wong Read More Hits: 1 Tags: Technology »

Women in the New Age

Women in the New Age

Nothing could be plainer than the effect that the increasing economic security of women is having upon their whole habit of life and mind. The diminishing marriage rate and the even more rapidly diminishing birth rates show which way the wind is blowing. It is common for male statisticians, with characteristic imbecility, to ascribe the fall in the marriage rate to a growing disinclination on the ... »

First Look: Social Media (Marketing) Evangelist Job Description

Last month, I wrote Why You Should Fire Your Social Media Marketing Manager, which turned the traditional Social Media Marketing Manager job description upside down. As a result, the post generated healthy discussion and feedback. Read More Hits: 0 Tags: Marketing »

7 Ways To Get Good Word Of Mouth

The most effective advertising a company can get is more difficult to achieve but much more effective and lasting than traditional media advertising. It is word of mouth advertising, and it is earned rather than purchased. It is your customers’ opinion of your product, which at times can be very vocal with praise or derision. Here are seven factors to consider for creating a good word of mou... »

How to Make Your Internet Marketing Strategies Work for You

Ever wonder how much we learn from traditional marketing techniques and how much do we implement? We of course know that internet marketing is much more fast paced than conventional marketing methods and traditional marketing focuses much more on getting customers the hard way. How much does strategies like Search Engine Optimization pay off?… Read More »

Adding Text Messaging to Your Marketing Mix

With a consumer culture that has become increasingly reliant on mobile devices, choosing to add text messages to a marketing strategy can be a wise decision for companies looking to stay relevant and fresh. Text messaging marketing represents several unique benefits, allowing sales to be increased at a relatively low overall cost. Unlike traditional advertising methods, text messages are rarely ig... »


New WHO Guide to help countries expand access to essential medicines

WHO’s   new user guide for countries, ‘Selection of medicines at country level’, is based on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines. It sets out the key actions countries should undertake to develop and update their own national essential medicines lists based on the treatment needs of their populations and their capacity to reimburse payments for medicines. The document also aims to support co... »

3 Elements of Network Marketing Success

There are great deals of people that are making moves online, and they are profiting at every turn. You might see them living lavish lives without having to wake up and work the traditional 9 to 5 job. If that’s something that you want to jump into, you’ll need to master a few elements of network marketing success. Working on the net and having a lot of money doesn’t come without... »

Facebook® Unveils New Search Engine, “Graph Search” – What Does it Mean for Marketers?

Facebook? has unveiled many changes in the past, but few have had such far-reaching implications as its new ?Graph Search? feature. Breaking away from traditional search methods, this tool aims to give users a way to find concrete answers to their questions rather than the suggestions offered by traditional search engines. But what does it mean for marketers? Read More http://www.associationofmark... »


Making the maximum IRA contribution? Think Roth.

You may have heard the rule of thumb about contributing to traditional vs. Roth IRAs: If you expect your marginal tax rate to be higher in the future, a Roth contribution may make sense. But if you expect your marginal tax rate to be lower, it may be better to contribute to a traditional IRA. Read More Making the maximum IRA contribution? Think Roth. Hits: 5 Tags: Lifestyle »