Many assume that Jacob beloved Rachael as a result of she was stunning….Noooooooo! Beauty solely attracts a person to a girl however what determines his real love for a girl goes past magnificence. *Rachael was not simply stunning, she was additionally industrious per excellence!*

Why do we have now a whole lot of stunning women in the present day but no husband? Because magnificence with out worth and advantage is sort of a smoke. What impressed and attracted Jacob to Rachael was her industriousness.

While her brothers and elder sister Leah have been at dwelling, Rachael singlehandedly introduced her father’s flock to the properly to present them drink. That was the place Jacob met her for the primary time. *”No sensible man can resist a woman who is beautiful and industrious”.*

The Different Forms of Birth Control

What would have made a person labored for *seven years for the lady he beloved and but felt like he simply labored for seven days? …….. Value!*

My man would not respect me, it is as a result of you aren’t a Value-Adding-Woman (VAW).

Do you notice that Jacob didn’t pay Leah’s bride value? They gave him Leah as bonus. Because she has no worth. This was why Jacob had no respect for her and her kids, therefore he set them as first entourage when he was going to fulfill his offended brother.

*If you drive your self on a person, he could by no means respect you. If he obtained you cheaply, he won’t ever respect you. If you aren’t including worth to his life, he won’t ever respect you.*

Within the kitchen, you hear solely your identify

Even after marriage, Leah needed to be begging and shopping for the eye of her personal husband whereas alternatively, Rachael was virtually *in command of Jacob*, no be jazz oooo, it is *Value!*

Rachael was a shepherd within the midst of her siblings, *a occupation meant for males.* She was in command of her father’s enterprise. This was what glued Jacob to her.

*Gen 29:9* *_Jacob was nonetheless speaking with them when Rachel arrived together with her father’s flock, for she was a shepherd._*

How can boys be in the home and a woman (final daughter of the home for that matter) be the one to have a tendency her father’s flock and household enterprise? *Industriousness!*

After Jacob slept with Leah, he nonetheless went for Rachael. *Sex do not maintain a person, worth does.*

Motion Sickness in Children

Leah had 5 kids, Rachael had none, but Jacob nonetheless beloved Rachael greater than Leah. *Having kids is sweet however including worth is best.*

 *Don’t ever assume you possibly can pin a person down with kids. If you want give him a nation, in case you are not including worth to his life, he’ll stroll away sometime.*

 *I’m passionately pleading with our dad and mom to not increase their daughters in a method they are going to change into a legal responsibility to a person.*

*Make your daughter a shepherd earlier than her Jacob arrives. Give her a supply of livelihood earlier than marriage. If you need her husband to respect her, inculcate in her, nice morals and values, give her high quality schooling and hopeful future. Don’t prepare her merely due to the bride value you wish to accumulate on her head.*

Warts in Kids

 Laban wasted the bride value he took for his daughter. But he lived on the flock saved by his daughter even after she was married out.

*_This is why many males fall for his or her ugly hardworking housemaids than their stunning however lazy home spouse._*

 We not directly prepare our housemaids to be industrious whereas we prepare our daughters to be lazy and dependent. Whatever you put money into your daughter in the present day, the long run will inform…..!

*Be a Value-Adding-Woman and your man will respect you for all times.*

*I consider this piece blessed you, please additionally put money into somebody!* God bless you, get pleasure from remainder of the week.

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