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1) As quickly as a toddler turns into a 12 months outdated, we

begin shopping for toys for him or instilling the love of

pictorial objects or cartoons into him…

2) The mom begins to show him/her child that: A is for Apple and B is for Ball, however would not train her

child that A is for Allah and B is for Bismillah repeatedly.

2)At the age of two or three, we take him right into a

day-care centre the place his Western schooling

journey begins.

3) At the age of three, s/he’s in nursery 1 or KG 1.

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Children ordinarily do not like going to colleges ‘cos

they aren’t used to it. They want the corporate

of Mummy at house. That’s why all of them cry when going to highschool.

4) The baby begins to watch:

#Everyday my mummy prepares me for college

#Under the solar or within the rain

#I’ve a singular uniform for college

#With time, the child begins to like “schooling” as a result of it seems to him just like the utmost cause of


-5) At the age of 5, he’s in Primary one:

#Everyday, the dad and mom wakes him up for college

however not for fajr

The Rights of the Father upon his Son

#He is rapidly bathed on college days however not throughout


#His hair is combed and his nails trimmed in order that he will not be crushed at school for dirtiness

#Everyday his assignments are checked by his dad and mom however nobody bothers about his Islamiyyah assignments

#His college charges are paid on time bt nobody

cares about his Islamiyyah dues.

#The father takes him to highschool early “before”

meeting however the father would not take him to Juma’ah early “before” the Khutbah.

#The baby begins to cause about all these. So he turns into extra inclined to highschool than Islamiyyah!

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6) When exams are approaching, the dad and mom be like:

“Hey, no sleeping tonight, you gotta learn, you have to

come first in school”

#So the kid begins to burn the evening candles however nobody orders him to get up for tahajjud, “…he should be tired. After all, he READ overnight…!!!”

##His dad and mom be like:

“I will buy WHATEVER you want for you if you come out with flying colours”

But, alas!!! nobody makes such guarantees regarding his Islamiyyah exams.

##During examination intervals, dad and mom be like:

Hey, no extra TV till you end your exams, no extra visiting of mates, no extra soccer bla bla bla.

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###So the kid begins to see examination intervals as a

kinda mini judgement day!


This is how a toddler’s impression about Western

schooling is “conditioned” to look so nice to him as if its the primary function of creation!


On the long term, the kid begins to suppose wild,

learn broad about life and worldly issues, however

hardly thinks in regards to the hereafter.

1) He would not cry when going to highschool anymore ‘cos he’s used to staying away from house.

Because of this, he needs a boarding college or he

needs admission right into a uni that is far-off from

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house! (Especially our Muslim women)!!

2) They do not wanna be below mum’s management

anymore. They wanna turn into their very own “boss”!

3) When a teen will get an admission into any

establishment, he goes loopy, jubilating, and celebrating however when he’s given an admission into an Halqah (research circle), he would not even

put on a smile on his face!

3) They now have huge goals, profession obsession, “I wanna become a Professor by all means”, however the younger lad would not care about turning into a scholar of the Deen!

And the dad and mom too be like:

‘If u come out wit top quality, I’ll ship you to

Don't rub the kids of their childhood. Let them develop at their tempo.

“America” in your Masters’…

4) The kid’s obsession about western schooling

will increase the extra!

So s/he needs to earn dat top quality by all means,

even by providing herself to the lecturer or sorting

his lecturer!

4) That’s why you see that when Undergraduates

lastly graduate from the University after their last

exams, they go loopy, jubilating, staining their

shirts wit markers, dancing, leaping, partying as if they’ve gained a ticket to Jannah, you will not blame them, that is  as a result of western schooling has been made to appear like a TROPHY to them!

5) They are graduates and their spoken English is


mindblowing however they cannot recite Suratul Faatihah with Tajweed!

6) They contest and compete for SUG presidents, class screens, college affiliation Presidents. But in the case of Sallah, they go and keep on the final line!

7) When its time for NYSC, the Muslim women will not hesitate to put on bum-shots and t-shirts, they “happily” run, jog and do workouts with males,

dance and partake in MissNYSC as a result of they do not give a rattling what the faith says about all these as a result of they already imagine “anything” is value sacrificing for schooling to prevail.

##Because schooling has been made to appear like a

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competitors whereas faith has been made to

appear like an “option”!



1) This obsession, makes our ladies refuse to

get married till they’ve bagged levels and


2) It makes d men lazy to prepare for marriage

till they’ve gotten a properly paying job, a automotive, a

home and a professorship.

3) It makes our ladies quote western “proverbs”

usually fairly than quoting Ahaadith.

4) Our kids love soccer, artistes and

celebrities however they cannot point out 10 Companions of the Prophet

5) Our kids now have an entire room filled with

novels, western books, encyclopedias and the

likes however the one islamic ebook they’ve at house is

Overcoming difficulties in life with Zen

the Quran!

6) Our youngsters now suppose, being an “elite” is the

final success whereas these “Imams” are

illiterates who’re losers on this world!

7) When that scholar lastly will get a job, he turns into “obsessed” with it too on the detriment

of his Deen.

8) He goes to work on a regular basis together with sundays

9) He is all the time on enterprise journeys

10) He leaves home for work earlier than his youngsters wake

up and he goes again house late when his youngsters

are already asleep.

11) During Subhi, he’s on his method dashing to

work, throughout Dhuhr, he’s busy wit workplace responsibility,

Caution the Baby Now!

throughout Asr he’s in a board assembly, throughout

maghrib he’s simply closing for d day, throughout Isha,

he’s caught within the site visitors jam, when he will get house

he combines all his Salawaat “if” he has the


In abstract, that is the sort of AQEEDAH that

our obsession for western schooling has instilled

in us, if not for the well timed steering that Alllah

has bestowed on us, what number of are individuals out

there who’re nonetheless wallowing on this pool of ignorance considering dey are d profitable ones?

Am not saying we should not go to sch, certainly

islam encourages schooling however to not the


excessive or at d detriment of Deen!

Suggest the potential answer yourselves as two good heads are higher than one!

May Allah forgive and information us, amen!

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