The Sexual Quick

THE SEXUAL FAST !!!   (All Parents & Teenagers should learn this ) Daughter: (Coughs out) Hmmm… Mum: (seems to be up at her, then continues choosing her beans) Any gist for momma? Daughter:( Looks at her) Mum, I feel I’m not regular anymore…like, I’m sick Mum: (Chuckles)  Sick?? Why? Daughter: Because I’m over-sensitive. Whenever …

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beauty supply store


What is Beauty? Beauty is usually described as a characteristic of objects that makes these objects pleasurable to understand. Such objects embody landscapes, sunsets, people and artworks. Beauty, along with artwork and style, is the primary topic of aesthetics, one of many main branches of philosophy. As a constructive aesthetic worth, it’s contrasted with ugliness …

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peace-stop violence

Too Late to Apologise

*TOO LATE TO APOLOGISE “AND WHAT REALLY HAPPENED* “Where are you coming from by this time of the night?” He thundered. “Honey you won’t believe what happened today. Oh God I’m so tired right now.” She replied as she yawned. “I requested the place you’re coming from and you’re vomiting garbage. Does that reply my …

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