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Frequent Or Extreme Thirst Causes Stroke


*Dr. Syed Latiff Alsagoff al-Hajj*

Three (3) years in the past I used to be nonetheless exercising – biking and health… very match and wholesome… But 3 years later I HAD A STROKE.

One day, once I stood up, my environment felt like swaying and my fingers and toes felt tingling. Then 4 days at Intensive care unit (ICU), 15 days within the hospital room.

Diagnosis outcomes: High blood strain, thick blood, ruptured blood vessels in the appropriate mind.

Got out of the hospital. Every day taking limitless drugs… Various well being merchandise… Resisting ache, therapeutic massage, acupuncture… Sit in a wheelchair.

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Conditions like a 2 12 months previous baby studying to stroll… It just isn’t a straightforward situation!

I believed… Why do I’ve a stroke once I do common train, no smoking, no alcohol, and no keep up late?!

I simply came upon that the actual trigger was: Long thirst… lack of water..!

Here I need to remind everybody: Remember to all the time drink water in order that the physique doesn’t lack water! We want it each day.

Weight 1 kg = 30 cc

Weight 60 kg = 60×30

= 1800cc (at the very least)

When touring out, convey provides of ingesting water. There are individuals who say ingesting a number of water make them usually go to the bathroom to urinate. My reply is… It is best to go to the TOILET usually than to get STROKE!


Please all the time REMEMBER:

1.Before/after train, drink 1 glass of water.

2.Before/after consuming, drink 1 glass of water.

3.Before going to mattress, drink 1/2 glass of warm water.

4.When you get up, drink 1 glass of heat water.

Remember: STROKE is not simply an ailment of the PARENTS and MEN solely, however the YOUNG kids additionally undergo from STROKE. DRINKING ENOUGH WATER is a manner of prevention.

*NB:* If we take sufficient water, it isn’t straightforward to get a stroke. So, I share this my private expertise to advise and in your consideration. May all of us all the time be wholesome, even in our previous age.

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