Procedure to avoid wasting wage until the top of the month

*Procedure to avoid wasting wage until the top of the month*

(Translated from Arabic)

This is the case of a younger Saudi man, he was not happy together with his life, his wage was solely 4 thousand riyals, his bills attributable to being married had been far more than his wage, earlier than the top of the month His wage would go down and he must borrow, so he was slowly sinking into debt and changing into satisfied that his life can be the identical now – regardless of his spouse’s materials situation. Thoughts, however the burden of debt is tough to breathe –

One day he went to a gathering of his buddies, there was a good friend on that day who was a person of smart opinion and the young man said that he valued the advice of stated good friend –

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He stated: I instructed him my story in phrases and put my monetary difficulties earlier than him, he listened to me and stated that *my opinion is that it is best to put aside a few of your wage for charity* – this Saudi The younger man stated in shock: Sir, I’ve to take a mortgage to cowl the bills of the home and you’re asking me to present charity?

Well, once I got here dwelling and instructed my spouse the entire thing, she stated: What’s mistaken with experimenting? May Allah open the door of sustenance for you.

Says: I meant to put aside 30 riyals out of 4,000 riyals per 30 days for charity and began paying it on the finish of the month.

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Subhan Allah ! I swear, my situation has modified, the place I used to stay in monetary tensions and ideas on a regular basis and now my life has grow to be like a flower, mild and straightforward, I felt free despite money owed. What a peace of thoughts!

Then just a few months later I began setting my life, splitting my wage into elements, and it was a blessing like by no means earlier than – I calculated and I noticed how lengthy it might take to do away with the debt, God prepared. I’ll die

Then Allah(S.W) opened one other path and I began taking part in property dealings work with one in all my family members, I might carry him a shopper and I might get an inexpensive revenue on it.

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Praise be to God! Whenever I went to a shopper he would information me to a different –

I might repeat the identical factor right here that *at any time when I get a revenue, I might positively give charity out of it for the sake of Allah* –

By Allah! What is charity? No one is aware of besides the one who has tried it.

Give alms, and stroll patiently, and you will notice the blessings of Allah with your personal eyes.

* Note: *

1. When you ask a Muslim to put aside cash from his wage for charity and he does so, you can be rewarded as a lot because the one who offers charity, and the one who offers charity shall be rewarded. There shall be no discount –


* Think !!! *

 You will go away this world and somebody shall be doing charity behind you due to you!

2. Similarly, when you proceed to publish this journal (message) and somebody makes it a behavior to present charity, then there’s a reward for you just like the one who offers charity.

(As I made it a behavior to present charity after studying this message, and I can swear, there’s a massive distinction in my frame of mind, I developed a sense of satisfaction that’s unexplainable)

My expensive!!!

*Even if you’re a pupil, and also you obtain a hard and fast stipend, you should put aside a small quantity for charity.*

*If the one who offers charity is aware of and understands that his charity goes into the fingers of Allah earlier than it goes into the fingers of the poor, then certainly the giver shall be extra contented than the one who receives.*

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*Do you recognize the advantages of charity?*

Especially learn * 17, 18, 19 * rigorously –

* Listen! *

* Even those that give charity and those that trigger it !!! *

1. Charity is likely one of the gates of heaven –

2. Charity is one of the best of fine deeds, and one of the best charity is meals.

3. Charity shall be a shadow on the Day of Resurrection, and can save its giver from the hearth.

4. Charity cools the wrath of God Almighty, and is a cooling software within the warmth of the grave.

5. The greatest present for the deceased and essentially the most helpful factor is charity, and Allah Almighty will increase the reward of charity.


6. Charity is a air purifier, a supply of self-purification, and promotes good deeds.

7. Charity is a supply of pleasure and refreshment on the face of the one who offers charity on the Day of Resurrection.

8. Charity is secure from the horrors of the Day of Resurrection, and doesn’t enable the previous to be regretted.

9. Charity is the reason for forgiveness of sins and expiation for evil deeds.

10. Charity is the excellent news of fine finish, and is the reason for the prayers of angels.

11. Giving alms is likely one of the greatest individuals, and its reward is given to each one that participates in it in any manner.

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12. The giver of charity is promised an excellent and nice reward.

13. Spending makes an individual one of many pious, and Allah’s creatures love the one who offers charity.

14. Giving charity is an indication of generosity and generosity.

15. Charity is a method of accepting prayers and getting them out of hassle.

16. Charity removes evil and closes seventy doorways of evil on this planet.

17. Charity is the reason for improve in age and wealth, success and growth is the reason for sustenance.

18. Charity can be a remedy, in addition to drugs and therapeutic.

19. Charity prevents burning, drowning, theft and evil dying.

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20. Charity is rewarded, even whether it is on animals and birds.

One final thing:

The greatest charity presently is to broadcast this message with the intention of charity –

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