Psychological Facts about Anger

01. Anger is a natural defense against pain.

02. When someone says ‘I hate you’ they really mean ‘You hurt me’.

03. Anger has a strong physical component.

04. Perfectionists are angry.

05. Unexplored anger can mute your experience of life.

06. While anger pits in the stomach, the emotion itself is not inherently bad.

07. Men, women and children experience anger differently.

08. Whereas children most often feel anger from the perspective of frustration–they can’t have what they want when they want it–adults get angry when they feel out of control.

09. Anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong.

10. Anger gives you a way to express negative feelings, for example, anger motivates you to find solutions to problems.

Anger Administration in Children

11. When you are angry, there is an increase in heart rate, arterial tension and testosterone, but the cortisol level decreases.

12. Anger is an emotion with physiological effects and can have many psychological effects on your mental and physical situations.

13. Uncontrolled anger and angry outbursts are linked to stroke and heart attack.

14. It’s easier to feel anger than hurt.

15. Stories sustain anger, meaning if you are angry then just start reading a book or listen for a few minutes.

16. Anger comes from an overblown sense of self-importance.

17. Anger gets attention.

18. Generally, you should never forget what a person says to you when angry because that is when the truth finally comes out.

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