Types of Birth Control

Let’s talk about each of the types of Birth Control • The first is the barrier method wherein the male or the female uses a condom to prevent the sperm from ever entering the female’s uterus. The male condom comes in many brands, colours and flavours and is usually made of latex rubber. This is placed over the penis when it is erect prior to intercourse.

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Natural Birth Control

Other natural birth control options available include the “Rhythm or Calendar Method,” the “Sympto-thermal Method,” and the “Basal Body Temperature Method.” Just like in using other birth control methods, it is always best to get the opinion of medical experts to ensure the health not only of the woman but the child as well.

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Male Birth Control: Simple Enough?

Yes, male birth control methods are simple enough and yet men still don’t get it. There are only three male contraception methods, although there’s news of creating a hormonal contraceptive pill for males the development of the drug is still underway. So we are down to three male birth control methods for now.

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Effectiveness of Birth Control

The effectiveness of birth control methods greatly relies on the cooperation of people who are directly or indirectly affected by the issue. It may not be enough to talk about it but more on acting upon it and getting the results that are badly needed by the country and the people of this planet.

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Diaphragm Birth Control

There are different types of birth control devices in the market today. Women who don’t want to use pills can use something called a diaphragm. A diaphragm is a shallow, dome-shaped rubber disk with a flexible rim that fits nicely within the vagina as it is able to cover the cervix which prevents the sperm from ever reaching the uterus. It should be inserted prior to intercourse and covered with spermicide. The spermicide works by killing the sperm thus making it impossible to fertilize the egg.

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