Birth Control Options

Birth Control Pills and Weight Loss

But can birth control pills make you lose weight? Most studies have shown that you will gain weight rather than lose a few pounds because the hormone estrogen causes fluid retention in the body. So you can imagine what a 50 mcm pill can do compared to that of a lower dosage.

Birth Control Pill

For the birth control pill to work it should contain a combination of hormones such as progesterone and estrogen that prevents the release of the egg every menstruation or “ovulation”. Once no ovulation takes place, there will also no fertilization of the egg that leads to pregnancy.

Birth Control Options

Birth control options have been subject to a lot of debate and argument in the past and in the present, but even with all the opposition, it gets from different sectors it still remains the number one option of people who want to take care of how their family. What are the advantages of having birth control options?