The Queen's Breasts

The Queen’s Breasts :

Once upon a time there lived a gorgeous Queen with massive breasts.

Nick, the Dragon Slayer, obsessed over the Queen because of this. He knew that the penalty for his need could be dying, ought to he attempt to contact them, however he needed to attempt.

One day Nick revealed his secret need to his colleague,  Nathan

the Erudite lawyer, the King’s chief adviser. Nathan thought of this and mentioned that he might organize for Nick to greater than fulfill his need, however it will value him 1000 gold cash to rearrange it. Without pause, Nick readily agreed to the scheme.

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The subsequent day, Nathan received a batch of itching powder and poured just a little bit into the Queen’s bra whereas she bathed. Soon after she dressed, the itching commenced and grew intense.

Upon being summoned to the Royal Chambers to deal with this incident,  Nathan knowledgeable the King and Queen that solely a particular saliva, if utilized for 4 hours, would remedy this kind of itch, and Nathan suggested  that solely the saliva of Nick would work because the antidote to remedy the itch.

The King, keen to assist his Queen, shortly summoned Nick to their chambers. Nathan then slipped Nick the antidote for the itching powder, which he put into his mouth, and for the subsequent 4 hours, Nick labored passionately on the Queen’s massive and sumptuous breasts. The Queen’s itching was ultimately relieved, and Nick left happy and hailed as a hero.

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Upon returning to his chamber, Nick discovered Nathan demanding his fee of 1000 gold cash. With his obsession now happy, Nick could not have cared much less understanding that Nathan might by no means report this matter to the King and with fun informed him to get misplaced.

The subsequent day, Nathan slipped a large dose of the identical itching powder into the King’s underwear. The King instantly summoned Nick, however sadly for Nick, he does not have the antidote any longer since Nathan simply looked-on and refused to slide it to him once more. Nick was humiliated out of the palace and imprisoned.

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The ethical of the story :  Pay your lawyer’s payments correctly and do not attempt to outsmart them.  

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