The Sexual Quick

THE SEXUAL FAST !!!   (All Parents & Teenagers should learn this )

Daughter: (Coughs out) Hmmm…

Mum: (seems to be up at her, then continues choosing her beans) Any gist for momma?

Daughter:( Looks at her) Mum, I feel I’m not regular anymore…like, I’m sick

Mum: (Chuckles)  Sick?? Why?

Daughter: Because I’m over-sensitive. Whenever I see a man, I’ve this bizarre feeling in comparison with once I meet a woman. Mum, I get frightened typically occasions if I’d scale by means of adolescence with out defiling myself

Mum: (Laughs) you might be afraid?

Daughter: It appears you don’t perceive mum. When I see a man’s bicep, oh my God! If he mistakenly exposes his abs, then I’d virtually faint, feeling as if I ought to run into his robust, muscular arms and be cuddled.

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Mum: And so? That’s why you aren’t regular?

Daughter: (Eyes widen) Mum!

Mum: That exhibits that you’re very regular my child woman

Daughter: I don’t perceive mum

Mum: You fasted just lately proper?

Daughter: Yes mum. The 30 days quick

Mum: There was  an event that I made plantain and fried egg for dinner for the household. How did you’re feeling that day?

Daughter: Mum, it was sensational! As if I had by no means tasted plantain . I wished a chew so dangerous.

Mum: So, why didn’t you get into the kitchen to get your self some?

Daughter: Mum, I used to be fasting

Mum: Nice one! Son, are you able to hear us from there? Put off the TV please.

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Son: Ok mum.

Mum: As an adolescent boy or woman, don’t assume it bizarre if you find yourself drawn to the other intercourse. His or her stature or the like would possibly enchantment to you nevertheless it exhibits that you’re  regular. You wouldn’t say, you might be irregular as a result of you possibly can understand the aroma of fried plantain whilst you had been fasting. Would you?

Both: No mum

Mum: All single folks on this world are on a sexual quick till they get married.  Different meals like juices, fried fish, hen; Shawarma and the likes would enchantment to them clothed in good-looking males and delightful girls of various sizes and styles however you have to block your notion! You are fasting!

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Daughter: (nods repeatedly) Hmmm…I get it now

Mum: The aroma might be pornography, horny girls and boys, devilish video games and all however be warned, you might be what?

Both: Fasting!

Mum: So my daughter, you might be regular. It means all of the elements of your physique are responding nicely however the Lord says it is best to maintain your physique below management.

Daughter: Mum, I can’t thanks sufficient. I anticipated you to scream at me , frown your face however You are reliable and I can depend on you. And that’s the reason mum is our… (Signals to the boy)

Son: Confidant! (Both snort)

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Mum: (Smiles) Blessed kids…very very blessed!

Both: most blessed mom

Mum: But always remember the lesson learnt right now…(expects a solution)

Both: We are fasting!

Mum: Yes. The quick would quickly be over and your dish of dodo, freshly ready with nicely garnished fried egg with a chill bottle of water could be delivered to you however first, wait! Say, I’ll wait

Both: I’ll wait!

Mum: And God will bless and favour you.

Both: Amen (They hug their mom and she or he blesses them each)

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Let’s be such a mother or father to our blessed kids

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