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Urinary Tract Infection in Children

Urinary tract infection makes urinating painful. The infected children think twice before going to the bathroom and they always get a feeling to go to the bathroom. The urine also smells bad because of the infection. Bacteria are responsible for infecting the urinary tract.

The urinary tract consists of certain parts such as two kidneys, a bladder, two ureters, and a urethra. The kidney does the major job of cleaning waste from the blood. The waste material is urine which is passed to the bladder through the ureters. The shape of the bladder is very similar to a deflated balloon. When the bladder gets filled with two hundred and thirty-seven milliliters of urine, the brain sends signals to go to the bathroom. When the person gets ready to pass, the muscles located at the end of the bladder relax which lets the urine rush through the urethra, from the bladder, and out of the body.

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When children face any of the symptoms of urinary tract information, they should talk about it to their parents as the symptoms are visible to the patient more than to others. Parents can observe the urinating frequency of the children. The child feels terrible pain while peeing. He/she is able to pass only a small quantity at a time. He/she also gets up several times during the night to go to the bathroom. There is a strange sensation in the lower part of the belly. Blood can also pass along with the urine. Also, the urine isn’t a clear solution and is cloudy. The urine smells bad after passing. These are all the symptoms of bladder infection. The child can also feel feverish along with chills. Pain can be experienced in the back or the belly. When the pain is right below the ribs, it is a clear sign of kidney infection. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, the child should be taken to the doctor.

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The doctor will take a urine sample for testing. The urine is taken in a plastic cup, into which the child pees. Before passing, the child must wipe the area with special wipes, so that the germs from the body do not confuse with the germs in the urine. Germs in the urine are an indication of infection.

Although there are millions of germs residing on the exterior of the body, they are completely harmless. Only a few of them actually infect the body. A stick is dipped in the urine sample. The stick is special, that is it is a specially treated paper that changes color upon determination of infection. Otherwise, the urine sample can also be sent to the laboratory. In case of a bladder infection, the doctor will prescribe medicine that kills the bacteria.


The child will begin to feel good just a few days after starting to consume the medicine. But he/she must stay away from food and liquid which has caffeine in it as it can elevate the bladder irritation and the patient will feel very uncomfortable. After the test, if a kidney infection is detected, the child will be hospitalized for a few days. He/she will be given a germ-fighting medicine which will be administered by a small plastic tube that will be introduced in a vein.

After the child recovers from a urinary tract infection, he/she should try his best to avoid such incidents in the future. The most important thing is to maintain cleanliness. The private parts should be washed every day. It is best to take a shower or a bath daily. The child can use wipes to clean every time after passing urine. Children should never hold the urine.

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When they feel the urge, they should rush to the bathroom immediately. Fluids intake must be increased. The best fluids are water and cranberry juice. Water washes the bacteria out of the body and cranberry juice prevents another bacterial attack. Bubble baths aren’t good as it can irritate the urethra. Cotton underwear will absorb sweat and body moisture, which will prevent bacterial growth. Underpants must be changed every day.

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