We Want Enlightenment Not Miracle


1. Pacelli School For The Blind, Surulere Lagos. Established 1962.

Number of visits by “Men Of God” who had come to hope for the blind college students: Over 5,000.

Number of scholars truly cured from Blindness via their Prayers: ZERO.

2. National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi Lagos. Established 1945. It has 450 beds which have all the time been crammed to capability. Number of Bones reset or Limbs regrown via miracles: ZERO.

3. Lagos Island General Hospital is the primary to be established in Nigeria in 1893. It has a totally useful Mortuary (since information started) simply earlier than Nigeria gained independence. Number of individuals raised from the lifeless BY ANY MAN OF GOD,, spiritually or in any other case… ZERO.

These are verifiable, effectively documented FACTS. The cause WHY miracles haven’t been recorded in these talked about locations is as a result of they maintain BEFORE & AFTER Records. And additionally, the sufferers are REALLY Blind, ACTUALLY Disabled, and CONFIRMED Dead. Statistics do not lie. Reality do not deceive.

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So, if I’ll ask the religiously Overdosed simpletons studying this… Are you not bothered that your intelligence is being ridiculed by all these unsubstantiated miracles taking place to different folks in church buildings, crusades, and different stage-managed non secular gatherings? The recipients of those so-called miracles are individuals who you do not know their precise identification, or the place they dwell, or the actual verified nature of their illnesses, or any documented proofs, and many others and many others and many others…

I’ve requested a number of occasions WHY are these miracles solely taking place in Africa. Are we actually this dumb as a folks??? The late Reinhard Bonkke spent 50 years elevating lifeless folks again to life in Africa. He didn’t increase a single lifeless physique in his nation Germany, or in the entire of Europe & America. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Is it solely Africans that may be raised from the lifeless???


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Whether I speak or not, individuals who put on Okirika garments to church right now will nonetheless drop cash for Pastors who put on Armani Suits … People who’re struggling to pay lease will nonetheless drop cash for Pastors who personal Mansions … People who wrestle to pay college charges will drop cash for Pastors who personal faculties … People whose youngsters cannot sleep at night time bcos of Mosquitoes will nonetheless drop cash for Pastors whose youngsters reside overseas … People who wrestle to pay for Uber will nonetheless drop cash for Pastors who personal fleet of pricey vehicles… People whose outdated dad and mom reside in relative lack, poverty, and struggling will nonetheless be shouting “Tithe Is Working For Me” … Then later, they may begin  disturbing their buddies and households for monetary help, whereas their Religious Dealers, sorry Leaders, management billions of various currencies.

The Day We've By no means Celebrated

How can folks be so comfy with being so gullible? Religiously overdosed persons are truly proud about the truth that they’re being scammed, swindled, and brought for a journey! They will even ask you “Is It Your Money?”. Let’s face it … It’s simpler to idiot most individuals, than to persuade them that they’ve been fooled. But they will solely idiot themselves, they will NOT idiot Reality.

I perceive the state of affairs within the nation. Things are onerous. People flip to “Help From Above” largely bcos they’re Helpless…Hopeless … Hapless. Yes Religion provides you Hope. Yes I do know. But whenever you pay for this Hope, it is now not from any God. And it is not real. The solely ones who received richer in that association, are the Middle Men gathering the fee on behalf of no matter God. That is simply your Pastor’s JOB. You are simply their facet hustle.

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An Abuja Pastor even mentioned ” Your Destiny Is Tied To Your Pastor”, & the folks shouted “Amen!”. Imagine that … A complete Destiny tied to only one man??? What occurs if the Pastor dies earlier than YOU!!! Your Destiny could be buried with him???!!!

Most Pastors do not solely fleece you  of the little hard-earned cash you’ve got, in addition they make a concerted effort to manage your complete existence… T,hey let you know how one can gown, how one can look, what to eat, when to quick & pray, when to marry, who to marry, who to affiliate with, what jobs to do, when to work, what to do together with your cash …even when to journey and many others … Your complete existence is topic to the whims, caprices & manipulations of only one Man, ALL IN THE NAME OF “GOD SAID… GOD TOLD ME TO TELL YOU…”.

This morning, I’ve seen 2 video clips…

Conquering Anger

The first one was on the wall of my UK Chairman, Michael Adeosun …and it solely proves one factor. Nigerians are so non secular as a result of poverty has been weaponized by the elites. If you see the Prayer Requests of most Nigerians, you’d realise that what they want is definitely Good Governance, Functional Institutions  & a System that works.


These phrases and ideas are my very own, and it is one thing that makes me surprise why some persons are so religiously risky however mentally dormant. I’m so perplexed.

Religion isn’t the issue of the black man… The black man is the issue of Religion. Because there are a lot of issues we may have copied from the white man, however we selected Religion and gave it our full focus… And now we have cooked it till it is overdone!

A Surge of Anger



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